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Make your personalized guides

In a few clicks you can create your personalized trekking guides. Choose your starting point, your arrival point and, if you wish, even a point in the middle of the path where to take a break. With our guides you will be able to personalize duration and dffculty of the routes based on your walking pace. By creating for free an account on you will be able to save your favourite guides and share them with others.

Accomodation at your fingertops

Download for free our e-book guides to bring with you and use offline. The e-book can be comfortably consulted on your smartphone or tablet (through Google Books for Android and Ibook for IPhone).

Follow our guides, download our gps track

Our GPS track file contains all informantion about a certain or more paths. Once uploaded on a portable gps device or on a smartphone it allows you to verify at any moment your position on the path and your distance from the main attractions and useful services.

Create an account, be a Forwalker!

Forwalk allows you to download an unlimited number of guidebook and GPS track for offline use in the iPhone or Android apps, or in GPS units. It also provides the ability for you to create your own custom hiking guides and save them to your account for quick access later. Sign up with one of your social accounts or by mail, registration is free of charge and it takes just one minute.