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Camino de Santiago
Way of St. James

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The French Way
The "Camino de las Estrellas"

The French Way is the most popular among the several available for this journey. The ancient route through Santiago de Compostela in Galicia is the one originally used for this pilgrimage. It runs from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, ...

Muxia and Finisterre Way
The End of the world

Cape Finisterre is the final destination for many people on the Way of St. James, the pilgrimage to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Cape ...

The Salvador Way
Spectacular landscapes, history and culture

This path goes from Leon to Oviedo. It owes its origin to the many pilgrims who, since the Middle Ages, kept coming to Oviedo to visit the Cathedral of San Salvador and its relics. The ...

The Primitive Way
The Original Way

The Primitive Way or The Original Way was the first Camino route to Santiago de Compostela. This was the route followed by King Alfonso II the Chaste in the 9th century, from the city of ...

10 great reasons to travel the Camino de Santiago

  • Everyone can do it : travelling the Way is an unique experience and everyone can do it: the ones who love sporting and the ones who don’t; the ones prefering walking and the ones who love biking. The services for persons with disabilities and for many different needs make the trip possible for everybody.
  • New interesting encounters:there are many travelers on the Way to Santiago every year, all year long. This means an unique opportunity to meet many people from all over the world, with many interesting stories, with whom you could share part of the trip.
  • A journey through nature, culture and beauty: the Camino de Santiago brings you through places of breathtaking natural and cultural beauty: the French and Spanish paths on the Way are inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.
  • A different holiday: travelling the Way offers you a great occasion to visit a beautiful country in total harmony with the nature, while relying on your own strength and few means only. It is an experience that everyone must do at least once in life.
  • Every time it’s an unique experience: You can always do it and redo it again. Maybe you have walked the French Way, so why not next time try the Primitive Way? Or do it by bike if you have not done that yet. And you could even travel the same paths in the same way and yet it will be different every time.
  • It enhances your spirituality: Many persons travel the Way primarily for religious and spiritual reasons. Many others however are moved just by curiosity towards the religious sphere or by the desire to explore their spirituality beyond any religion.
  • It brings you closer to yourself: Like many people witnessed already, travelling the Camino de Santiago is ideal to get away from your daily routine. It is an unique occasion for deeper reflection and self exploration, to get to know yourself better and put yourself to the test.
  • It keeps you fit: Travelling the Way makes you practice healthy physical exercise in touch with nature: both by walking or biking you will find out that you will keep yourself fit while having a pleasant and interesting journey.
  • It puts yourself to the test: Travelling the Camino de Santiago is putting yourself to the test, mentally and phisically, and take a break for sometime from your daily life. It is an exciting and fascinating adventure, for which you will need all your determination and strength together with open mindedness and sense of adventure.
  • It will surprise you greatly: Doing this experience means leaving behind the known for the unknown and let everything in the journey: landscapes, people, towns and even yourself surprise you.

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