What is the Compostela of the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago

What is the Compostela of the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago

The Compostela is a document certifying the completion of a pilgrimage to the tomb of the Apostle James in Santiago de Compostela. To obtain it, one must present the duly stamped Credential and have completed a minimum of 100 km on foot or horseback or 200 km by bicycle along a Jacobean route for religious reasons.

How to get the Compostela

The Compostela is issued to all pilgrims who walk a Jacobean route sequentially, stage by stage, for religious reasons and for a minimum of 100 km if walking or 200 km if cycling. It is also possible to walk the route discontinuously in time, this means that pilgrims can walk part of the route and then resume it at a later date. However, it is not permitted to skip a section of the route.

La Compostela: il ceritificato del Cammino di Santiago

Who issues the Compostela

The Compostela is issued by the Pilgrim's Office, located near the Cathedral in Santiago. As proof of one's pilgrimage, the stamps placed on the credential, where the date and place of passage are recorded, are authentic. Those who have made the Pilgrim's Way for other reasons (recreational, sporting, etc.) can request another certificate, known as the Pilgrim's Certificate, on arrival in Santiago.

Cattedrale di Santiago di Compostela, termine del Cammino di Santiago

How many stamps are required to receive the Compostela

The stamps are issued by bars, hotels, guesthouses, shops, churches and historical places, which are encountered along the way. A minimum of one stamp per day is required, two on the Galician section of the Camino (the last 100 km on foot, 200 if cycling).

How to get the Compostela from Finisterre and Muxia to Santiago

It is also possible to obtain the Compostela if you walk the route starting from Finisterre, passing through Muxia (or vice versa) and arriving in Santiago. It is compulsory to walk the coastal stretch that joins them via Lires (the stamp is proof of this) and then go to Santiago in order to cover the necessary 100 km.

From which point is it necessary to start in order to get the Compostela?

In order to obtain the Compostela, pilgrims walking the route must at least start from the following places:

  • from Sarria or Barbadelo for the French Way
  • from Ferrol or Neda for the English Route
  • from Vilalba or Baamonde for the Northern Way
  • from Lugo for the Primitive Way
  • from Muxia or Finisterra via Lires for the Finisterra/Muxia route.
  • From Tui by the Portuguese Way