The Camino Primitivo The original pilgrimage trail from Oviedo to Santiago

The Camino Primitivo

The original pilgrimage trail from Oviedo to Santiago

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The Camino Primitivo (The Primitive Way) is believed to have been the first Jacobean itinerary of which information is available. This route is the one followed by King Alfonso II “the Casto” to visit the tomb of the Apostle James, discovered in the IX century during his reign. It is about 195 ml long, it starts from Oviedo and crosses Asturias and Galicia in about 15 days, rejoining the French Way in the charming town of Melide. Much of this itinerary takes place above the eight hundred meters, with continuous ascents and descents, crossing beautiful mountains, streams of fresh water, and small and fascinating rural towns. It is a route that is challenging at times, but not prohibitive: just a minimum level of training is required for it. There are two alternatives that bifurcate in the town of Borres and rejoin in Porto del Palo: The Hospitales route is the oldest trail, passing along a ridge on a panoramic mountain path strewn with ruins of ancient pilgrim hospitales. The alternative route down Pola de Allande has more slopes than the first one, but can be walked into shorter stages. It is especially recommended to pilgrims when the weather conditions do not allow walking on the ridge paths.

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