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Tinéu (Spanish: Tineo) is a concejo (municipality) in the Principality of Asturias, Spain. It is situated on a small tributary of the Narcea River. It is the second-largest municipality in Asturias. It is bordered to the north by Valdés, to the south by Cangas del Narcea, to the west by Villayón and Allande, and to the east by Salas, Miranda and Somiedo. Mining, agriculture and stock-rearing have been the principal industries since the early 20th century. Top left, Castle Tinéu Top right, Coat of Arms from García de la Plaza, the local Heroe Bottom left, Coat of Arms by the Cistercians Monastery in Castilla Bottom right unten, Coat of Arms by the Franciscans in the Monastery of Tieno middle, das Coat of Arms from the Count of Tineo The Way of St. James or Camino de Santiago named "The Northern Way" (Camino de la Costa) Camino Primitivo passes Luarca. There are also two Pilgrim Heritages: Albergue de Peregrinos «Mater Christi» - Marco Rodríguez, s/n - 33870 - Tineo (20 Beds) Albergue de Peregrinos «Tineo» - C/ Cabezas de San Juan - 33870 Tineo.

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Tinéu is it’s a stopover point on The Camino Primitivo. You can reach Santiago de Compostela in 13 days.

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