Pamplona / Iruña


Pamplona (Basque: Iruña) is a city in Navarra, Spain. It is most famous world-wide for its San Fermín festival, held each year from July 6-14. San Fermín festival includes the legendary "Running of the Bulls", which features the daily bullrun or "Encierro" in Spanish. Pamplona is a beautiful green city and ranks the highest in environment and recycling cities in Spain & Europe. There are many interesting things to do and explore in Pamplona for a traveler as it is the first main city on the route of St. James (Camino de Santiago). It is a city with beautiful parks, historical buildings, medieval city walls and a river running through it too. The city is home of two universities: the public Universidad Pública de Navarra, and the private Universidad de Navarra, and two campuses in different but close parts of the city.

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Pamplona / Iruña is it’s a stopover point on The Camino Francés. You can reach Fisterra in 31 days and Santiago de Compostela in 32 days.

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